GmeDOC was founded by Talent hof ug haftungsbeschränkt , Hanover Germany who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in IT branch.

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GmeDOC Story

 After the pandemic, it became our dream to create a platform and an enterprise where all medical knowledge and skills used exclusively in Telemedicine would be made available for everyone who needs it. 

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare, providing remote consultations via video communication to patients in their homes, workspace, hospitals, and prisons. The service is even offered to other GP’s in their clinics and hospitals.

GMEDOC makes telemedicine available to everyone at reasonable price. We give you the future of medicine now!  

Our technical team is a diverse and multi-cultural team. We believe in sourcing the best practitioners from their chosen field worldwide and We offer a well-rounded and diverse talent base of the best professionals.

We are always open to meeting with potentially new team members.

We are building our team according to high standards of qualifications, and  We will find the doctor best suitable to consult with you depending on your symptoms and give you a prompt and thorough consultation and diagnosis.